Birthday party

Are you planning a birthday party? Book a birthday party at Navet! The party includes entrance to Navet, a party table, a birthday cake and lemonade.

Party, swim and play

At Navet you get a birthday party beyond the ordinary. And you don't have to prepare anything! All you have to do is book the party and invite some guests. You're free to print and use our invitation cards Pdf, 812.6 kB. (PDF, in swedish only).

Navets birthday party includes:

  • Entrance to Navet
  • Party table setting, one hour's access to table
  • Birthday cake or cupcakes
  • Navets lemonade


Accompanying adults and siblings pay according to regular price, siblings under the age of 2 enters for free.

Number of participants

Price per entrance

Required accompanying adults*


200 kr



180 kr



160 kr


*If the children are over the age of 12 and know how to swim, only one adult need to accompany the party.

Something more?

For those of you who want more to eat than cake, the restaurant at Navet may provide additional snacks and food. You must announce one week in advance if you wish our restaurant to provide you any of the below listed suppliments to your party. Of course you can bring your own food! But remember that, porcelain and glass are not allowed, due to safety risks.


Price per piece

Bag of candy

25 kr

Bag of crisps

15 kr

with smoked ham and cheese

29 kr

Hamburger 90g,
with bread, dressing, salad, tomato and cheese

39 kr

American pancakes 3 pcs,
with raspery jam and whipped cream

49 kr

Book birthday party

If you want to book a birthday party, please send a request using the form below. No later than one week before the birthday party we must know allergies, additional options and how many children that will attend to the birthday party.

More action

The adventure area

Eat at Navet


Navet's own restaurant offers both full meals, breakfast and light snacks. You can also bring your own food and eat it in the restaurant.