We want Navet to be a place for everyone. Accessibility has therefore been considered key in the design process of the swimming centre.

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Wheelchairs, prams and strollers

There are no obstructive thresholds in the building.

Wheelchairs, prams and strollers can be put in the designated space in the entrance hall. There is also a charging station for powerchairs.

Next to the entrance, there is a room where it is possible to wash off wheelchairs, prams and strollers.

The spectator stand that is situated on the first floor on the short side of the 50-metre pool has a designated space for wheelchair users. Next to the short side of the pool, there is a lift connecting the ground floor and the spectator stand.


There are wheelchair-accessible restrooms (RWC) in several places in the

On the ground floor, there are wheelchair-accessible restrooms by the entrance, in the women's and men's changing rooms, in the flexible changing room equipped with a ceiling lift, in the adventure area
and next to the 50-metre pool.

In the relaxation area one floor down, there are wheelchair-accessible restrooms equipped with ceiling lifts in the women’s and men’s changing rooms. Bring your own sling for the ceiling lift.

Changing rooms

The flexible changing room that is equipped with a ceiling lift also has a
wheelchair-accessible restroom, extra shower space, a changing gurney, a
shower gurney and space for a wheelchair and other aids. Bring your own sling for the ceiling lift. Wheelchair users who do not need a ceiling lift can also use the other changing rooms.

Shower chairs can be borrowed. Please contact the reception for more information.

There is enough space in the saunas for visitors to enter with a wheelchair and transfer to a gurney.


By the entrance, there is a lift that accesses all floors, including the car
park. Next to the 50-metre pool, there is a lift connecting the ground floor
and the spectator stand on the first floor.

There is also a lift that can be used to access the water slides and the diving tower.

The pools

The 50-metre pool and the multifunction pool are equipped with lifting tables. Please note that the depth of these pools can vary. Next to the pools there are digital signs indicating the current depth.

There are mobile pool lifts next to the diving pool and the jacuzzi in the relaxation area. They can also be used in other pools, for instance in the
adventure area.

The adventure pool has a ramp with handrails to facilitate access. In addition, the Plupp pool has a staircase with handrails in order to facilitate access for visitors with impaired mobility.

Hypersensitivity and asthma

Please note that all pools contain chlorinated water. The steam in the steam room can also cause irritation for people with asthma and hypersensitivity.

Hearing loops

There are hearing loops by the reception, by the counters in the
restaurant and by the spectator stands next to the 50-metre pool.

In the design process of Navet, acoustical engineers have worked to create a good acoustic environment in the building.

Contrast markings and tactile guide paths

There are tactile and contrasting guide paths leading from the entrance to the reception and on towards the restrooms, the lift and the changing rooms. From the changing rooms there are guide paths leading to the 50-metre pool, the steam room, the jacuzzi and the restaurant. Natural guiding paths indicate the way from the changing rooms to the multifunction pool, the diving pool and the water slides.

Colours have been used to make it easier to locate important places in the building.


Most signs have symbols in order to make them easy to understand. Many of the signs are in both Swedish and English. The most important signs also have braille or text in relief.

Eat at Navet


Navet's own restaurant offers both full meals, breakfast and light snacks. You can also bring your own food and eat it in the restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions

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