See our entrance fees, as well as the prices for our discount cards and the Navet card.


Swimming entrance fees and discount cards                  The Relaxation area                  The Navet card 

Entrance fees and discount cards

Navet is a cash-free swimming centre. You can pay by credit card or swish in the reception.

Children under the age of 2 enter for free.

Seniors and students enter for the same price as youths.

Please note that children who wish to visit the swimming centre without the company of an adult must turn 12 during the course of this year and know how to swim. The accompanying adult must be at least 18 years old, know how to swim and be wearing swimwear.

Swimming and exercise

Entrance fees*

Adult (18 years-)

Youth (2-17 years)

Single entrance, exercise and swimming   

195 SEK


Single entrance, swimming

145 SEK

100 SEK

Discount card swimming 10 times,
period of  validity is 2 year

1300 SEK

900 SEK

Mini group: 1 adult, 2 youths

245 SEK                                                           

Group: 2 adults, 2 youths

390 SEK

Extra youth (maximum 3 extra/group)

50 SEK

*Valid during regular opening hours Monday - Friday. Also valid during school holidays, weekends and bank holidays.

Swimming, maximum 2 hours*

Adult (18 years-)

Youth (2-17 years)  

Single entrance 2 hours

85 SEK

60 SEK

Discount card 10 times (2 hours each) ,
period of validity is 2 year  

765 SEK

540 SEK

*Valid during all regular opening hours.

The Relaxation area

Entrance fees, bookings only



Single entrance*

200 SEK

250 SEK

With the Navet card (and over
18 years)

Included in

Included in

With the customised Navet card                  

100 SEK

100 SEK

 *Admittance to the swimming centre is included in the entrance fee.

The Navet card

The Navet card includes swimming and all water aerobics at Navet. Read more about what is included in the Navet card and how you can customise your card.

More action

The adventure area

Eat at Navet


Navet's own restaurant offers both full meals, breakfast and light snacks. You can also bring your own food and eat it in the restaurant.

Swim in the 50-metre pool