Changing rooms

At Navet there are a number of changing rooms for different needs. Always shower before swimming. 

Changing rooms for everyone

There are women’s and men’s changing rooms with plenty of lockers (more than 700 in total), both on the ground floor and in the relax area one floor down. One of these changing rooms has been specifically designed to meet the needs of people with impaired mobility. Read more about this under accessibility.

You lock your locker electronically using the bracelet that you get to borrow
when you pay at the reception. You do not need to bring a padlock. Please note that you are solely responsible for your belongings.

We recommend you to use a shoe bag or a plastic bag to protect your shoes when you put them in the locker.

Shower before swimming

It is important to always shower without swimwear before swimming. Also note that it is not permitted to wear underwear underneath your swimwear. This helps us to keep the water clean and create the best possible experience for all our visitors.


There are saunas in the women’s and men’s changing rooms. Do not wear swimwear in the sauna. You should also make sure to use something to sit on (for example a towel) in the sauna.

A swimming centre for everyone


We want Navet to be a place for everyone. Accessibility has therefore been considered key in the design process of the swimming centre.

The Navet card

Do you want to be able to swim, relax, exercise water aerobics at Navet whenever you feel like it, and swim at Umelagun in the summer? Get the Navet card! 

Welcome to the Relaxation area!