Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Navet.

Why can I not pay in cash?

For security reasons, Navet is a cash-free swimming centre. You can pay by card or swish at the reception.

Is there an age limit for children who want to go swimming
without the company of an adult?

Yes, children who want to go swimming without the company of an adult must turn 12 during the course of this year and know how to swim.

How many children can I supervise?

You may supervise at the most three non-swimming children or five children under 12 years old who can swim.

I will bring my child to Navet, but will not swim. Do I have to pay?

Yes. All visitors pay entrance fee. If you are the only adult supervising you have to wear swimwear .

Why is it so important to shower without swimwear before

Because it is the only way to make sure you are completely clean before entering the pools. This way, we can create a more pleasant experience for everyone. Another advantage is that the chlorine in the pools will not remain on your body, since the chlorine only reacts to dirt particles.

Can I bring my own food and eat it at Navet?

You can bring your own food and eat it in the wet section of the restaurant, where you also have access to microwave ovens. If you bring your own food do not forget to bring something to eat on and drink from. Disposable materials are for the restaurants guests. For safety reasons, glassware and china must not be brought into the facility.

You are not allowed to bring your own food to the relaxiation area.

Is it allowed to take pictures and film at Navet?

No. Photography is prohibited in the facility unless otherwise stated.

Is there WiFi at Navet?

Yes, visitors have access to free WiFi in the reception and in the dry section of the restaurant. The name of the network is _Umea WiFi. In order to surf for free you need to register accordning to the instructions that appear on your screen when you select the network.

Do I need to bring a padlock for the locker?

No, you lock your locker electronically using the bracelet that you get to borrow when you pay at the reception.

Is there a card that gives me access to both Navet and USM?

Yes, the Navet+ card grants access to both Navet and USM group training and gym.

What facilities can you offer visitors with infants?

There are plenty of changing tables in the swimming centre. Next to the Plupp pool, there is also a nursery room and a separate room with a microwave oven. You can also use the microwave oven in the restaurant.

Where can I put the pram?

There is a designated space for prams and strollers in the entrance hall.

What do I do if I forget something at Navet?

Items that have been left in the facility will be kept for two weeks. Valubles are routinely handed to the police's lost property department. The Navet is not responsible for forgotten things. Welcome to search for your belongings.

How warm is the water in the pools?

50-metre pool: 27°C
Diving pool: 28°C
Adventure area pool: 30°C
Plupp pool: 32°C
Multifunction pool: 34°C
Jacuzzis: 38°C

The Navet card

Do you want to be able to swim, relax, exercise water aerobics at Navet whenever you feel like it, and swim at Umelagun in the summer? Get the Navet card! 

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